G51 Security Risk Assessment & Audit

Introduction of G51

G51 SECURITY RISK ASSESSMENT & AUDIT GUIDELINES is a set of guidelines published by the office of the government Chief Information Officer. It acts as a supplementary document to IT Security Guidelines to give an introduction to a generic reference model for IT security risk assessment and security audit.

Complying with G51 not only results in higher information security level, better management, gains better trust from customers but also has greater advantage in bidding for government tenders.


The guideline includes the following areas:

  • Overview of IT Security Management
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Security Audit
  • Services Prerequisites and Common Activities
  • Security Risk Assessment and Audit Follow-up

    RSEL Audit Assessment for G51:

    As an independent auditor, RSEL provides an objective assessment to facilitate the assessor’s confidence in your compliance with G51.


    To ensure you have the best chance of applying with the criteria of G51, RSEL will provide a comprehensive assessment to help you improve as to satisfy G51 requirement.


    Our scope of assessment is as follows:


    High-Level Assessment

  • High-Level Risk Assessment
  • System and Infrastructure Design
  • General Control Design & Planning
  • Security Planning and Control
  • Pre-production Assessment

  • Risk Assessment
  • Documentations Review
  • System and Infrastructure
  • Implementation and Operation
  • Technical Scanning

  • Comprehensive Audit Assessment
  • Provide similar assessment service to more than one systems
  • Security Audit
  • General Control Review
  • Operation Management
  • Information and Network Security
  • System and Physical Security
  • Backup and Contingency Planning

    I.T. Audit and Assessment
    I.T. Consultation
    ISO 27001 Consultation
    Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test