I.T. Consultation

In order to provide a one stop solution for our clients, Ringus Solutions offers a wide range of I.T. consultation and services. Consisted by four professional and experienced teams, Ringus Solution is devoted to deliver services at high professional standards.

Professional Service Team
IT audit is the process of collecting and evaluating evidence of an organization information systems, practices, and operations. Our professional service team plays an important role in evaluating and determining if your systems safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity, operating effectively and efficiently to achieve your goals and objectives.

From understanding your needs to delivering services to you, project managers play a vital role in planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing of the project. We can account for the availability of a project manager with relevant skills and experience to take responsibility for the management of project, help you to create clear and attainable project objectives, build project requirements and manage the triple constraint including cost, time and scope.

Support Service Team
To ensure your system always up and running, our system engineers and technical engineers provide services in installing, supporting and maintaining the integrity of your servers. We also help to evaluate and respond to risks such as system outage, malicious attacks and other technical risks. Data is the most important asset to every organization. Our database administrator can help you to manage the database system in your information architecture, which makes sure the database running smoothly including regular performance checkup, tuning, and planning for backup and recovery.

Development Team
Our programmers and architects excel in designing and developing various kinds of applications including web and client applications that are user-friendly, trustworthy and with excellent performances. We have expertise to perform system integrations and automations in order to ease daily workload and minimize human errors, increasing the productivity of your company.

Graphic Team
Visual communication and presentation are important in drawing attractions to your client. Our graphic team provides services not only enrich user friendliness of your applications, but also the visual representation of ideas and messages. We offer design for web application layout, premium, newsletter, print, logo and etc.

Other Services
You may hope to build your own team to work directly with you. We offer secondment services so that you will not need to worry the resignations of your IT staff, you can have our IT professionals to work in your office for a specified period or a project. Besides Ringus Solution also offers recruitment services and training programs to find the appropriate personnel that is best fit your needs.

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I.T. Consultation
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