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sen-ryo & Ringus Collaboration

In this digital age, online experience has become increasingly vital. For years, Ringus has been collaborating with Maxim's Group to enhance the digital journey for customers across various brands. Today, sen-ryo, one of the Maxim's Group's Japanese cuisine brands, has released their newly revamped mobile and web application, offering customers convenience through a unified platform with enriched features like queuing management, membership management, and take-away order services. 

"The enhanced application aligns with sen-ryo's business and marketing strategies," Ms. Steffie Li, the Director of Business Engagement (Digital Solution) at Ringus shared. "We have implemented a more structured approach and introduced distinct membership tiers for sen-ryo with exclusive benefits for ELITE & PRESTIGE members. Additionally, the real-time management on take-away orders ensures seamless integration with the outlet's operations, optimizing sales and minimizing waiting times for to-go orders."

Ringus goes beyond applications. We deliver digital solutions that bring business value to drive organizational growth. One of the key objectives is to support the organization’s strategic vision in digital, ensuring that the digital landscape becomes a powerful catalyst for success.

Experience the sen-ryo application at: 

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Posted: 2024-05-21 | By Ringus Full Article

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